Passion to Profit (Styled Shoot) – Morgantown, WV




Mary and Brandon

Our first attempt at an engagement shoot was a rainy Saturday in October. I came prepped with umbrellas, and we made the most of the fall day. The leaves were crazy bright, so that sort of saved the day. We scheduled another shoot a while later, and the weather was great. It was awesome and fun. I knew the wedding was in January, so I had this little bit of fear lurking in the back of my brain. I know that WV winters can be crazy or very temperate, and nobody really can bet on either. As the wedding grew close, the forecast looked good, and I was just keeping every digit crossed that I could. The day came, and the weather was actually warm. My lovely wife Michelle did Mary’s lovely makeup, and then assisted me in hustling the newlyweds out into the breezy winter night to grab some couple photos. Michelle’s brain takes over where mine stops. She is highly organized and a fantastic director. Does that make me the actor? The screenwriter? Anyway, we got some lovely photos of the happy couple, and wrangled them back into the car and across town to the venue again for the reception. I had my fingers crossed all day, and we all lucked out. Thanks Mary and Brandon!wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy1wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy8wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy9wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy7wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy3wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy4wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy5wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy6wvweddingswinterweddingbeautifulcouplewestvirginiaclarksburgdreamy2_DSC8497_DSC8526_DSC8632

Love wins!

I had the privilege of shooting Judy and Colleen’s engagement session and spending the afternoon at their awesome¬†mountain home. After 23 years of love and laughs, they are finally legally allowed to marry, and could not be happier about it. I felt an instant connection with them both, as if I’d known them for a very long time. We talked about music, dogs, houses, and swore to ¬†me that I could actually have a green thumb one day. We took a lot of photos of the beautiful house and the cool dogs. I left feeling very good about life. I am a much better person for having met them. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding later this month. I can only imagine how cool and amazing it will all be. #loveislove #lovealwayswins


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The Tuscan Sun Spa Hair Show

I like photographing bands. A LOT. I’d never done anything runway-oriented before, and I now realize that it is about as close to photographing bands as anything else could come. You get a limited time to shoot, you’re not 100% sure what the lighting situation will be, and the energy is really high. Dramatic cold lighting and pulsating music fill your eyes and ears. You strap yourself in and hope for the best. Thanks again to Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon for being very cool to me and asking me to shoot this. The Post-Apocalypse will hopefully look this cool. for bookings, questions, or just anything really.





My wife, Michelle, did the makeup on quite a bit of the models for the hair show. Here she is flanked by two of the coolest models of the day. No, I’m not biased.

Mary and Brandon – engagement shoot in the rain.

We had been planning Mary and Brandon’s engagement session for over a month. All week, it was sunny and dry, but when Saturday came, it was cloudy and eventually rainy. We had talked about postponing the shoot, but I had the strange feeling that we could make it work. I drove out early and scouted out a few locations, and I found some definite winners. We had the clear umbrellas left over from our own wedding last fall. My wife suggested I pack them with me (she thinks they’re adorable). I really like the rain coming down over the clear plastic umbrellas. I think the rain also enhanced the fall leaves. By the time we started losing light, everyone’s hair was frizzy, and the bride and her sisters (my umbrella wranglers) were jumping in puddles. I’ve never had a shoot end with sisters jumping in mud puddles, so I had to throw in a few outtakes from that. You can’t take yourself too seriously. for bookings, questions, and whatnot. _DSC5643 (1)


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