Marnie Stern

Flashback 2013. Morgantown, WV. I made a random decision to go check out Marnie Stern play at 123 Pleasant. I had heard of her, but I wasn’t that familiar with her music or playing. The opening band was great. Marnie was intoxicated,and awesome. She was using an Ibanez Jet King through a blue line Ampeg Gemini. Big, clean, and as weird as expected. Some snide hipster guy asked me who I was shooting for, I replied “myself”, and he replied, “good luck.”

Now Marnie Stern is seen nightly in Fred Armison’s band on the Seth Meyers show. She’s dressed a lot fancier and is less visibly drunk. I’m not a fan of the lighting at the venue this night. It’s usually a lot brighter. I had a lot of trouble with my lens. I’ve not really posted these before, but why not. It was a great show. Marnie-9Marnie-10Marnie-13Marnie-21Marnie-22Marnie-24


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